Win Shoppers in the Store through Perfect Retail Execution

ShelfWatch uses Image recognition techniques to analyze retail audit data and gives an overview of your in-store execution.

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What is ShelfWatch?

ShelfWatch provides Image Recognition (IR) solution to drive perfect store execution. ShelfWatch enables CPG and Retailers to get in-store insights from shelf photos that help them to deliver superior customer experience and optimize their marketing spend.

Many CPG companies have turned to ShelfWatch from other IR solutions to leverage our unique AI capability that decreases the onboarding time to start getting results within days of integrating the technology at a fraction of the cost. Due to shorter onboarding times, ShelfWatch also overcomes the drawbacks of current IR solutions that cannot scale quickly to identify new SKUs and trade promotions, especially during drive-time events


Accuracy at SKU Level


Real-time Actionable Insights for Sales Rep


Low set up and operational cost due to superior technology

How Can ShelfWatch Help Me With Improving My Retail Execution?

ShelfWatch helps CPGs and Retailers answer questions vital to their everyday business such as:

“How can I ensure consistent execution across all my stores?”

ShelfWatch provides a comprehensive picture of your in-store execution using Image Recognition. Through photos captured in-store, ShelfWatch can measure your key KPIs such as planogram compliance, the share of shelf and out-of-stock rate allowing you to benchmark your stores against your picture of success (“perfect store”) and improve them.

“How can I make my Field Sales Reps (FSR) productive?”

Using ShelfWatch’s mobile app, FSRs no longer need to manually observe, count or guess in-store conditions and fill cumbersome forms on their handheld devices. ShelfWatch’s mobile app is designed to make FSRs productive by letting them click photos and getting real-time actionable insights to make changes while in store.

“How can I improve promotional compliance and optimize new launches?”

Unlike the traditional Image Recognition algorithm, ShelfWatch does not need a lot of manually annotated data to train its underlying Image Recognition algorithm. Using just one representative image, ShelfWatch can be set up to detect an SKU, promotional display or POS materials thus drastically reducing onboarding times making it ideal to track new launches or measure in-store display execution during peak holiday seasons.

ShelfWatch Differentiators

agile pic

Enables Agile Execution

Faster onboarding time (Quickly recognizes new product launch or planogram reset)


Real-time insights

Actionable real-time insights for reps and/or merchandisers to act upon while still in store

quality images

Real-time photo quality feedback

Detects blur or glare in photos in real-time to provide feedback to the reps to retake photos immediately

target images

High Accuracy

98%+ on SKU level without requiring large sets of training data

cost effective images

Cost Effective

Dramatically lower costs due to fewer resources required in setting up ShelfWatch

ShelfWatch integrates seamlessly in your organization

shelf photo

Data Collection

Mobile application to collect images along with their geo locations

shelf photo

Specify brand assets

Upload the image of SKUs/POSMs you want the AI to detect in the data collected by you

shelf photo

Training AI

Training of our AI engine to detect your SKUs/POSMs

shelf photo


Dashboard with all the insights you need to make your brand stand out